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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between aluminum and steel gutter systems?

There are several advantages to having baked on enamel aluminum seamless gutters instead of galvanized steel. The aluminum alloy will not rust or deteriorate over time, unlike that of the steel gutters found on many homes. Rusted steel gutters will discolor fascia boards and/or the outside of your home with an unsightly red rust color. To prevent or hide the rust steel gutters need frequent painting. The baked on enamel coating common with aluminum gutters will never have to be painted. Most existing steel gutters on homes are not seamless and tend to have seams every 20 or 25 ft which can cause leaks and rotten wood behind the gutters.

One last important difference is that existing steel gutters on most houses are called "high-back" gutters, because the back of the gutter rides up and under the shingles, and is nailed down to the deck board. The high back style prevents the steel gutter from dropping down as you get closer to the downspout . This means that the gutter usually does not have proper pitch to the downspouts unlike that of aluminum gutters which can be raised and lowered to accommodate proper pitch to downspouts.

What is the difference between 5"inch and 6"inch gutters?

Even though there is only an inch difference in depth from one size to the other , the 6 inch gutter carries about twice as much capacity as the 5 inch gutter. This can be very helpful when dealing with increased roof surface area and also larger volumes of rain water. The increased capacity also helps to reduce ice damming and icicles during winter time.

Do Gutter Guards really work?

Gutter guards definitely help to keep your gutters clean and free from clogs. When choosing a gutter guard, you have to consider the type of plant debris that falls onto your roof. The finer the debris, the more likely it could collect on top of the gutter guard and clog the system. In that case you would need a different style of guard that uses surface tension to keep the water flowing into the gutter and rolls the debris down to the ground. Please refer to the Gutter Guard section of website for product comparison.

How does ice affect the performance of the gutter or gutter guard?

During winter time, presence of snow on a roof always tends to create ice build up in a gutter. Always make sure to clean gutters before winter time to help reduce ice backup on gutters without guards. If there continues to be large ice damming problems, then consider your attic ventilation system as well as lack of attic insulation, which can release heat that may melt down the snow and the runoff water refreezes once it gets to the eaves. Heat cord or Heat cables can help in high capacity areas to reduce ice build up.

Gutter Guards can tend to cause increased icicles at times but ice will not affect the functionality of the product. Proper attic ventilation/insulation will reduce ice buildup on top of gutter guards. It is also recommended to roof rake after heavy snow falls to prevent ice buildup whether or not you have gutter guards.

Is it more economical to paint the exposed wood around my house or cover it with aluminum?

As with all of TC Aluminum's products, the keywords are "Maintenance Free." Choosing to have your fascia boards, soffit underlayments, or window frames painted may save money initially, however, over time paint will fade, crack and flake off leaving exposed wood open to saturation and rotting. Repainting and rotten wood replacement costs can be avoided with one thorough Aluminum Soffit or Trim installation that will keep wood sealed and away from the elements. The baked on enamel coating on the aluminum trim metal can be color matched to your home and will not need any further painting or repairing.

What is the difference in ventilation between standard aluminum soffits and continuous hidden vent aluminum soffits?

We install a soffit vent approximately every 8 ft around soffit eaves with standard aluminum soffits. We cut a vent hole in the wooden soffit at least 1.5 ft wide to accommodate 2 vented soffit pieces(2ft wide) to cover the hole and create optimal air flow through the vent. Everywhere else we use solid soffit panels for best aesthetic look.

With a continuous hidden vent soffit panel, we cut a 3 to 6 inch continuous vent strip out of the eaves that connect to the attic. The hidden vent panels ensure a continuous air flow around entire eave perimeter. The hidden vent panels keep a consistent solid look while creating optimal attic circulation. Please refer to the Soffit/ Fascia portion of the website for a diagram of the hidden vent panel.

How does your price compare with other contractors?

Our prices are competitive with most reputable contractors; we are not the lowest and we are definitely not the highest. A few reasons why TC Aluminum’s prices are reasonable is that TC employs only a select few professional installers, and the sales manager is the also the owner/installer. TC also relies on recommendations for much of our customer base, thus there is not a markup on prices for large advertising budgets.

How long have you been in business?

TC Aluminum has been in business since 2002. The owner and founder of TC Aluminum has been involved with exterior home improvements and working with customers since 1998.

Who are the installers?

The installers are experienced business professionals who on a regular basis install and work with exterior home improvement products. Most of the installers have been working in the field for the last 10+ years. Each individual is covered under workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.

When should we contact you?

Anytime! I’m always happy to address any questions that you may have about anything. It’s my goal to make sure that you are satisfied with TC Aluminum; customer satisfaction is the key to our success. I usually return messages the same day within an hour or two.

What is the method of payment?

Here at TC Aluminum we believe in reliable and trustworthy business practices. After the project has been contracted we normally do not as for any down payments, instead we expect full payment after completion and total customer satisfaction. TC Aluminum accepts three methods of payment; personal checks, credit cards and cash. Please inquire about credit card payments before estimate is performed.

How does the warranty work?

TC Aluminum's service warranty ensures that any product installed carries a warranty on the labor and workmanship of the installation. This means any defect or problem in the functionality of the product, due to an incorrect installation or wear and tear, will be replaced free of charge for as long as the warranty is valid.
Each product TC installs has its own manufacturer’s warranty that we pass onto the homeowner. The manufacturer warrants that each aluminum product will be free of defect and if the product does not perform to its guarantee or lifespan due to a flaw in the product, then it will be replaced free of charge.

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